Our Story


We are Dave and Jennah, wedding film-makers based out of Vancouver, BC. We've both lived here our whole lives and we absolutely love it. Being outdoors on the west coast is our favourite pass time, equalled only by quality coffee and quality time with our large families and close friends. We got married in Dave's parents' backyard in June of 2015 on a laid back, sun-drenched Saturday, with plenty of homemade blackberry wine; it was truly great. We've known each other our whole lives as family friends and share many memories of family vacations up and down the west coast in California, Oregon, and on Gabriola Island where Jennah's parents have a cabin.


First and foremost, we love life. We're filled with curiosity, excitement, and passion by the beauty we see around us. Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, give, and experience the real/wierd/raw/emotional-ness of life; the big things and the small things that make us human. We approach our work with the same curiosity and passion, we want to be present and celebrate with you, and then tell a story that brings you back again and again.


We want to make films for people who are enthralled with life, love wildly, and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Natural, earthy, and nostalgic would be a few words to describe the type of style we use in our films, we want to capture you being you. Our clients appreciate artistic vision, a healthy lifestyle, and the people they do life with.


Our dream is to travel, to see more and experience all the world has to offer. If you're interested in having us join you for any occasion, please do let us know!