I’m Dave, a film-maker based in Vancouver, BC. My childhood was split between the Pacific Northwest and Anaheim, California which has made me into the “west coast” type that I am today. I was raised in a home where music was a huge part of life and that is where my introduction to the arts and storytelling began.

The relationships we share bring more value and meaning to life than anything else. Storytelling is a way to enrich our relationships in a deep and meaningful way and that is what inspires me to create more everyday. Telling the story of a wedding day is a privilege and a joy and to this day I am amazed that I get to be a part of such a special event for the couples I work with.

I want to make films for people who are enthralled with life, love wildly, and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Natural, earthy, and nostalgic would be a few words to describe the type of style I use, I want to capture you being you. My clients appreciate artistic vision, a healthy lifestyle, and the people they do life with.

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