Colleen and Thomas | true sweethearts


Colleen and Thomas' wedding in Victoria was memorable for a few reasons. First off, it was in Victoria - one of our favourite cities. Everything from the obvious coastal vibe to the architecture to the friendly demeanor that everyone in the city seems to share are reasons that we are always excited to spend time there(oh and the Tacofino location there is the best one, and we've been to all of them!). The second reason; this very special couple. They put an emphasis on the most intimate part of their day - the first look, where they read letters to each other that were reminiscent of wedding vows. It seemed like they wanted to make the most personal part of their vows in a quiet way, rather than during the ceremony. And I can see why, it was a very powerful time. Well done by them though - they got the best of both worlds as their family and friends attended the ceremony in the park shortly after they read letters to each other.




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