We are Dave and Jennah Park (aka The Parks) - husband and wife filmmaking duo based in Vancouver, BC.

While we do appreciate the art of what we do, and designed our site to showcase that, we are also two of the silliest people around and love to have fun.

Our Story

Though we’d been connected by family ties since childhood, neither paid much attention to the other until 6 years ago on a fateful summer night, locking eyes under a coffee table, laying on a basement carpet (affectionately known as "carpet world"). Since then we’ve been pretty inseparable; starting our film company, getting hitched, and travelling all over the western hemisphere together. From weddings in Tofino, to Oregon, to Cali and Maui it’s been one heck of an adventure!

Celebrating and capturing love is one of the BEST things on Earth and we are so grateful that we get to do this for a living. Our favourite days are those spent exploring, drinking coffee, and rambling on about all things nerdy. Keep scrolling to see some cool and artsy photos of us (by the talented Nicole Mason) and learn a little more about who we are as individuals! 


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-written by Jennah-

There’s a lot to admire about Dave. He is a visionary creative, passionate entrepreneur, tireless worker, inspiring dreamer, and a dedicated action taker. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter template or shortcut when it comes to Dave; he pours 110% of his heart and soul into everything he does. This often finds him capturing extra footage days before or after, professionally mixing audio and even rearranging music until it’s the perfect fit for a film. Among these inspiring qualities Dave is also goofy, friendly, and has hips that do not lie (guaranteed he will break out his moves at your wedding). He loves good coffee, deep conversations, and will shamelessly savour back-to-back croissants when given the chance (which he balances with a love for long distance running and biking). He’s a jack-of-all-trades and somehow a master of 95% of them. Dave makes life more exciting, more adventurous, and ultimately more meaningful.





-written by Dave-

Jennah is probably the sweetest person you will meet (maybe I’m biased, but seriously). She is friendly, charming, and so easy to be around. She balances her artistic side with a love of science (nerd) and a fantastic sense of humour (comedian). She is astoundingly good with a camera and relentless in her pursuit of beautiful imagery and a good story, while somehow making it all look easy (it’s not). She is quietly perceptive of those around her and is able to capture them in a way that resonates with their truest self. She comes from a long line of baked good masters, which makes us an ideal pair (she makes baked goods, I eat them). Her preferences in coffee continues to become more refined as we hit coffee hot spots up and down the west coast (think San Fransisco, Venice Beach, Portland, and of course Vancouver) - yes, she’s a coffee snob...in a good way! But the best thing about Jennah is her energy. Calm and gentle yet fun and infectious. Sounds good, no?

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Thanks for stopping by! Let's get coffee sometime :)