Wedding Photography / Jo + Joel


So this is new, sort of, but we will now be offering stills photography packages! Exciting stuff!

Joel is a long-time friend of Dave’s and so when he reached out to hire us for photography only, we just couldn’t say no.

Although we’ve dabbled in stills for a while now and even took the plunge of doing both photography and videography for Brianne and Anguel’s farm-to-table wedding, this was our first wedding just capturing photos in all of their 42 megapixel glory. Pulling stills from our wedding films has long been part of our post-production workflow and transitioning to photography feels like a natural progression for us at this point.

Joanna and Joel are seriously awesome people. Although you’re more likely to find them “getting after it” (as they say) deep in the forests of BC, they cleaned up quite nicely for a sweet farm wedding at Minto Farm in Courtney, BC where Joanna grew up.

These two are unapologetically real and you could feel the most incredible mix of joy, gratitude, and love throughout the day. We were hooked on their energy from the minute we arrived.

Take a look at this photoset we put together from their day!