Jaclyn + Dustin


A super last minute booking (think 2 days before), a quick ferry trip to Vancouver Island, and a small trek along the Juan De Fuca trail were entirely worth it to share in Jaclyn and Dustin's intimate beachside elopement.

Originally from San Francisco, these two were eager to start their marriage off with an adventure. We love it when couples aren't afraid to get out into nature and explore with curious spirits. We loved everything about this special day, from getting ready together and personal vows on a rock in the ocean, to champagne on the beach as the sun tucked behind the mountains.

The pacific northwest is our home and this adventure reminded us why we love it so much and how incredibly lucky we are to live here.


feature film




"Steady" by Roary

"Scatter My Possession" by John Lucas

"In Which Way" by Aeuria

"Metlako" by Longlake


Venue: Sombrio Beach, BC